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Baybayin Template - Custom Designed

Baybayin Template - Custom Designed

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Baybayin, also popularly known as Alibata is one of the Philippines many writing systems that exist before the coming of the Spaniards. The current script used by the majority of Filipino is based on Tagalog Baybayin script. 

Here’s A Quick And Easy Guide To Writing In Baybayin

Photos from Baybayin Pinas

Please take notes on making the design.

⚠ Please use lowercase.

To remove the vowel just put * 

The word, "Pinoy" is written as "pinoy*"

When it is written as "pinoy "only

This will result in an incorrect word, "pinoya"


For the word with a vowel "a" no need to put "a" beside the consonant 

The word, "PILIPINAS" is written as "pilipins*"

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